Friday, 31 October 2014

The big adventure. Day 8

Wahh this trip is going too fast! 
Today was a stupidly early start for our flight to Oaxaca which ended up delayed.  I tried to snooze on the cold tile floor then opened my eyes to a young man who looked like my brother Daniel. That was a disconcerting moment. I was wondering where the hell I was and what the heck was he doing there! 
Landing in Oaxaca a feeling of calm enveloped me. It is a gorgeous city. 
We were exhausted so went straight to our room for a sleep then around 4 pm went out to face the world. 
My first impression of Oaxaca was 'wow'. 
The colours, the atmosphere, the people- I was impressed with it all. There was so much to see that I just wanted to take it in instead of snapping photos so I will get more tomorrow. 
I ended up buying more stuff. My poor suitcase is already overloaded. Will need to get another one. We went to the zocalo and saw the cathedral. Booked a tour to Xoxo for tomorrow night so we can hang at the old and new cemetaries. I can't wait. 

Flying to Oaxaca. 

For you Mardi. Yummo. 

Street party. Woohoo

This gorgeous couple were at the resturant where we ate tonight. Hands down the best service we have had since  coming here. The guys were so kind, helpful and funny. The poor guys may have to put up with us again. 
Hasta mañana xxxxx

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