Monday, 10 November 2014

The big adventure. Day 18

Wow. What a trip! 
I have had the most amazing time, met some great people, been to some wonderful places and ticked a few things off my bucket list. I am so happy I made this trip and am incredibly thankful to my little family and in laws for helping me have this time to do it. Also thankful to my lovely friend Anita for joining me on this adventure. 
Our final day was spent in Fiji. I spent half of it horizontal after the long flight from LA then headed to the pool for sunshine and drinks. 

Sunrise in Fiji. 

Thanks for joining me on my big adventure. After 18 days, 9 flights (and the tedious customs and waiting times), 3 countries and god knows how many kilometers of walking I am pleased to be home with my family.  Xxxxxx

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The big adventure. Day 17

Guess where I am.....

We had the best day. Anita and I had a 12 hour stopover in LA so decided to do a cheesy tour. We had so much fun. We had a lovely driver but far out he was boring. So we got pissed on a huge jug of sangria during the lunch stop and then it was a blast.

We went to Venice beach

Beverly Hills 

The farmers market.  Vegan paella and lotsa sangria at Little Spain. Happy days. 

Mann's Chinese theatre and the walk of fame. 

Ran into a few Johnny Depp's

And apparently Michael Jackson is alive and well and hanging out in Hollywood. 

It was super cheesy but was such a blast. A great way to say goodbye to this side of the world. 

Hasta mañana xxxxx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The big adventure. Day 16.

Today was our last day in Mexico. Sad face. 
I was over old churches, markets and lots of people so today we went to the zoo. And do you know what we discovered- that the zoo is more fun without kids! 
While I am not a huge fan of zoos, the one in Guadalajara wasn't too bad. It was pretty cool to see animals that we don't get at home. The gondala ride from one end of the zoo to the other was great too. 

I was so in love with this little guy. He came straight over and started talking to me. We talked for ages. I had to wait for him to end the conversation and go because I felt mean leaving him. 

This lady saw Anita eating nuts and wanted some too. 

This was my favourite thing. They have a big platform in the orangutans enclosure that connects to other platforms with ropes so the orangutans can move around the zoo. 

Hasta mañana xxxxx

The big adventure. Day 15.

Had a wonderful day today at Tlaquepaque. If I had known how gorgeous it is there I would have stayed for a couple of nights. It is really laid back, the restaurant we ate at had delicious food and there are lots of fantastic arts and crafts. We didn't really want to head back to the city. 

Hasta mañana xxxxx

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The big adventure. Day 14

Nothing to see here today. It has been raining and my body is tired. I suppose after walking for hours every day since arriving I was going to wear out eventually. 
I did manage to eat lunch at the worlds worst vegetarian restaurant today though. I decided after that I deserved a pamper so I went and had one of the best massages I have ever received and a manicure. Then I felt better. 
Off on another adventure tomorrow. 
Hasta mañana xxxxx

The big adventure. Day 13

Guadalajara is a lovely city. It reminds me a little of Melbourne but with a lot more history. It seems to be more modern than Mexico City with lots of boutiques etc. 
I did a mega walk today. I went from my apartment to the cathedral and a few museums, then I just wandered around for hours going down side streets checking out the old buildings and anything else that interested me. 

An old gothic church. Not sure of its name. 


Another church. I am sure there is one on every second street. 


Guadalajara cathedral. 


Beside the cathedral is a gorgeous square and lucky me there were Katrina's all around it. 

I was very excited at the regional museum to see a mammoth skeleton. 

I saw lots of wonderful things today.
Hasta mañana xxxxx

The big adventure. Day 12

Just a quiet day today. Went for a little walk, checked out a church and managed to buy more crap even though I had just packed. 

Then it was a flight to Mexico City and a mad dash to catch our connecting flight to Guadalajara.  By the time we got there and sorted it was getting late, so we headed off to the closest resturant for a meal and that was our day. 

Oaxaca from the sky. 

Mexico City from the sky. 

Guadalajara from the sky 

Hasta mañana xxxxx