Saturday, 8 November 2014

The big adventure. Day 16.

Today was our last day in Mexico. Sad face. 
I was over old churches, markets and lots of people so today we went to the zoo. And do you know what we discovered- that the zoo is more fun without kids! 
While I am not a huge fan of zoos, the one in Guadalajara wasn't too bad. It was pretty cool to see animals that we don't get at home. The gondala ride from one end of the zoo to the other was great too. 

I was so in love with this little guy. He came straight over and started talking to me. We talked for ages. I had to wait for him to end the conversation and go because I felt mean leaving him. 

This lady saw Anita eating nuts and wanted some too. 

This was my favourite thing. They have a big platform in the orangutans enclosure that connects to other platforms with ropes so the orangutans can move around the zoo. 

Hasta mañana xxxxx

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