Sunday, 26 October 2014

The big adventure. Day 3

Had a great day today. We slept till early afternoon then went for a walk. We checked out the zocalo  with its gorgeous old buildings, managed to find a vegetarian meal, checked out a market and chilled.

The big adventure. Day two

Fiji was fantastic. Spent the rest of our day by the pool sipping on Mai tai's. We had the wonderful Ganesh looking after us. He was a sweetheart and we are looking forward to spending time with him and his cocktail making skills. 
This is just before we left. Am a bit buzzed off those cocktails. 

Day two was the longest day of my life! 
We had the long flight from Fiji to Los Angeles. We were really lucky though as we were at the back and there were some spare seats so we got 2 seats each. So Anita and I got to have some semblance of comfort. If you do that trip then I highly recommend air Fiji. They were  awesome. 
We managed to find our way around LA airport which was pretty exciting. High fives for that achievement. Then came a tedious wait for the flight to Mexico and another 4 hours in a plane.
L.A from the air. 

Was a buzz seeing Mexico City from the air. This place is massive! 
A small portion of the city!

Arriving in Mexico City we slowly started coming unhinged. We were so exhausted
There was a huge wait for the luggage and ours was literally the last off. Then we arrived at our accommodation and couldn't track down the owner. At this stage it was 1 am. I got the taxi driver to take us to the closest hotel and got us a room. The place ended up being a dive and one of the guys was really rude. We got to our room and totally lost it. Tears all around. 
But the gods were smiling down on us and the lovely Marcia tracked us down and got us to where we were supposed to be. You could not even begin to understand our relief. She is an angel! 
So at around 2am we arrived at the apartment which is really cute. She had a little welcome gift for us and was incredibly wonderful to us. 
Our welcome gift. Sugar skulls!!!

Our tears became tears off relief. Had a chat to our families and at around 3:30 we dragged our weary butts off to bed. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

The big adventure. Day one

Bula from Fiji. 
Day one and we are in transit from Melbourne to Los Angeles. 
Poor us having to spend it hanging out in Fiji. Today is officially lazy day. Eat, drink, swim and sleep are all that is on the agenda. Making the most of it before we are jammed back in the flying tin can. 
It's flipping hot so off for a cocktail by the pool.
Till next time xxxxx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Memory Quilt

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on an art project at an aged care facility. The residents I am working with have a range of ailments including the early stages of dementia.

We have started each session with a theme. Those who want to will tell a story around the sessions theme and we will look at a way we can create an artwork to relate it. I will then go and have a one on one chat with the ones who are shy or have issues with speaking and we will do the same thing. While we are starting up there is a lot of talking, laughing and the odd tear shed. Then about 20 minutes into it the room is incredibly quiet . The residents are really focused on what they are doing and there is just the odd hushed conversation between them and the staff.

 It has been an honour to work with them and a lot of fun. I have loved hearing the stories about their childhoods, how they met their spouses, their favourite things and especially the stories of the mischief they got up to. I have also loved creating art with them. For some of the residents this is the first time they have ever done art. Seeing their pride in their finished result has been really heart-warming.

Here is the quilt so far. There are still 2 groups tomorrow to add work to it. It looks fantastic and they have done a wonderful job. You are welcome to leave some comments for me to share with the artists.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Art on the Spot (+ UPDATE)

Today I was in Brunswick as part of the Fringe Festival.
Art on the Spot was an initiative where artists were on the street creating art for the day.
I was very lucky as I am sure I had the best spot on the street. Not only did I have a great position with some lovely old buildings to paint but I also had a market next to me, music coming from the local bar and lots of sunshine. To complement that I had some wonderful visitors who stopped to say hi.
I spent 5 hours on my work and sadly didn't manage to complete it. It is very rare for me to finish a work in one day though. Maybe tomorrow ....

Work in progress

UPDATE: One week later and I finished it :-)


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Article just published

I am very excited to announce that I have an article in the latest issue of Mixed Media Art Magazine.
While I have been lucky in the past to have exhibition related articles and photographs published of my work, this is my first full article. I hope you enjoy it.


Mixed Media Art Magazine Issue 15

To learn more about Mixed Media Art Magazine including where to purchase please visit:


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Art n' Music Charity Exhibition

Coming up is the Art n' Music Charity Exhibition. All profits will be going to The Kids Cancer Project.
Saturday 20 September
Brolly Workshop
24 Bennetts Lane
Melbourne CBD
Free Admission
For more information on the event and to see which artists and musicians are involved, please visit:

'Hope' was created especially for the event and will be up for sale.

 The Kids' Cancer Project: