Friday, 31 October 2014

The big adventure. Day 8

Wahh this trip is going too fast! 
Today was a stupidly early start for our flight to Oaxaca which ended up delayed.  I tried to snooze on the cold tile floor then opened my eyes to a young man who looked like my brother Daniel. That was a disconcerting moment. I was wondering where the hell I was and what the heck was he doing there! 
Landing in Oaxaca a feeling of calm enveloped me. It is a gorgeous city. 
We were exhausted so went straight to our room for a sleep then around 4 pm went out to face the world. 
My first impression of Oaxaca was 'wow'. 
The colours, the atmosphere, the people- I was impressed with it all. There was so much to see that I just wanted to take it in instead of snapping photos so I will get more tomorrow. 
I ended up buying more stuff. My poor suitcase is already overloaded. Will need to get another one. We went to the zocalo and saw the cathedral. Booked a tour to Xoxo for tomorrow night so we can hang at the old and new cemetaries. I can't wait. 

Flying to Oaxaca. 

For you Mardi. Yummo. 

Street party. Woohoo

This gorgeous couple were at the resturant where we ate tonight. Hands down the best service we have had since  coming here. The guys were so kind, helpful and funny. The poor guys may have to put up with us again. 
Hasta mañana xxxxx

The big adventure. Day 7

Our final day in Mexico City didn't dissapoint. We had another wicked day. After a much needed sleep in we headed down to Xochimilco. We thought we would brave the train system and were really impressed. Ridiculously easy and cheap to use. 
We headed straight to the gondalas for a sweet ride down the river. 

Even on the river there is mariachi bands and gondalas that float up next to you to sell food and coronas. 
We headed down to a place I was very excited to visit- Isla de las Munecas ( Island of the dolls)  It was incredibly cool and a little creepy.
The history around the island is really interesting. A young girl drowned there and then 50 years later to the day the uncle of the man who lives on the island died in the same spot. So the man who loves there started collecting dolls that washed up and hung them on the island to ward away bad spirits. He has been doing this for around 50 years and there are over 1700 dolls- the majority of which  were washed up. It is an amazing place. 

This one is 'the milagro' ( the miracle) as she was found on the anniversary of the deaths of the girl and the uncle. 
This place was awesome!!!! I wore my phone memory out taking photos here. 

Afterwards we headed over to the Museo   Dolores Olmedo Patino to see works from Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The was an incredible Dia de Los Muertos exhibition on as well which of course I loved. I wish I could make these lifsize characters for my job! Any call for them inMelbourne  do you think?

I love them so much!!!

By the time we dragged ourself back we had time for a meal then off to bed for a 4am start. 

I have to say to everyone who expressed their concerns about Mexico City that they shouldn't believe everything they read or hear. We felt incredibly safe. We were catching the cabs the guidebooks warn you not to with no hassle. The people were honest, kind and friendly. The street food was tastier than the resturant food (& fingers crossed we haven't had adverse effects from it yet). Thank you Mexico City. 
Hasta mañana xxxx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The big adventure. Day 6

Oh happy day I went to Frida Kahlos house today. I love Frida and it was definately a highlight to finally get there.
Her house, her style, the colours - it was all amazing. The house had a beautiful energy to it but also sadness. I felt very moved. 

The room where Trotsky stayed. 

 Frida's bed. You can't see in this picture but there is a mirror on the canopy that she used to paint her self portraits while bed ridden. 

Her studio. 

Dia de Los Muertos display in the courtyard. 

I took so many photos. I won't bore you with all of them. After Fridas house we went for a short walk to Trotsky's house. While nowhere near a beautiful it was still very interesting. 

After our museum hopping in Coyoacan we had a yummy feed the headed over to Zona Rosa. We managed once again to be parted with our money buying stuff. Already I am wondering how I will get it all home and we still have heaps more to see and do. I am really looking forward to tomorrow's trip to Xochimilco. 
Hasta mañana xxxx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The big adventure. Day 5

Holy crap I am tired. Today we went out to Teotihaucan to see the piramide del sol and piramide de la luna. What an amazing place! We must have walked a fair few kilometers around it and if I don't have to climb another stair for a while I will be happy. We climbed the sun pyramid. I felt like rocky when I got to the top wanting to pump my fists in the air. ( well after I caught my breath! )

I climbed this one. 

Then I admired this one. 

Archaeologists hard at work. 

Some of the view from the top. 

When we got back to the city we went and did a spot of shopping. Think the kiddies will be happy with their goodies. 
Hasta mañana xxx

Monday, 27 October 2014

The big adventure. Day 4

A beautiful day today in Mexico City. Had another day of roaming around the city. Went for a stroll around La Alameda. Was a lovely day at the park with lots of families out for a stroll and lots of dogs with balloons tied to them. 

We then headed over to the Museo Mural Diego Rivera and to the Museo de Artes Aplicadas Franz Mayer and checked out some gorgeous old churches. 

Then it was off for some food and a trip to the Centro de Artesanias for a little shopping. 

Hasta mañana xxxx