Monday, 19 May 2014

Workshop week

Hi all, hope you have had a fantastic week. This week is shaping up to be a busy one with three classes/workshops on the go.

PNH Phone: 9484 5806
Tomorrow is the first session of my Recycled Art Workshops. We will be creating mixed media buildings inspired by my 'Home to Roost' series (see photo), using wood off cuts, old sewing patterns and more. I will put some photos up next week. There is space for a couple more people so if you are interested contact Preston Neighbourhood House to book.

Wednesday is Drawing and Painting classes. I love turning up every week to see what everyone is creating and helping them on their journey. Thursday is an art with kids day. I am working at a primary school all day running workshops on collage, with a focus on healthy bodies. It is a full on day with 5 groups of kids with 55 minute workshops each. Here are some photos of some of the work from the Prep-2 children from last week.

                                                                                                         They have been creating a plate with their favourite fruit and vegetable using ripped paper on one piece and cut paper on the other. The Grade 3-6 children are doing a silhouette where they fill the head with a variety of ways we keep our body healthy. We are looking at nutritional, physical, mental and spiritual health. A lot to fit in less than an hour but the kids are all doing a great job.
 I am rounding the week off judging an art competition at my daughters high school. Middle school students are designing a metal piece based on a haiku they have written, with cash prizes up for grabs. I am really looking forward to seeing their designs.
It doesn't look like there will be much studio time this week- good thing I enjoy teaching as it's looking to be a fun week. Hope you have a great one too.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy days

Hi there.
Well its back to work after a lovely Mothers Day. I got spoilt with some lovely presents and dinner with my beautiful kids and husband. My favourite thing every year though is the cards my children make me. The gorgeous drawings and the funny things they write just make my day. To all the mums (or dads doing it on their own) I hope you had a wonderful day full of love.

I went to look at my new studio space yesterday. I am so excited to be getting an indoor studio! My current one is a garage, so space wise it is amazing but its either too hot, too cold or leaking. Only a few weeks now and I will have a beautiful space to work in. Happy days.

If you are out and about in Preston on Wednesday morning I will be at the Preston Neighbourhood House Open Day. Pop in and have a play with a quick workshop I am running from 10:30am-noon based on recycled art. There will also be some samples of my work on display. 
Additionally I will be around from 12:30-2:30pm running the Drawing and Painting Class. So pop in and say hi, try Tai Chi and maybe even win a door prize. The opening is at 10am.

Preston Neighbourhood House:  218 High Street Preston VIC 3072 
Ph. 9484 5806

© Kelly Gatchell Hartley
I am feeling exceptionally excited at the moment. I have booked my tickets and will be in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
 I plan to go to Mexico City, be in Oaxaca for Dia de los Muertos and then head up to Guadalajara.I can't wait!
I know I am going to need a BIG suitcase for all of the treasures I will be bringing back as I love Mexican folk art.
If any of you have been on a Mexican adventure, I would love to hear all about it.

Until next time, have a fantastic week
Kelly xxxx
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Upcoming classes and more

Hi everyone,
my apologies for being so slack with the posts. There is a lot going on at the moment. I have been busy preparing for private and public art classes and workshops I have coming up, cleaning out the studio for my upcoming move and creating new artworks.
I have also been rebranding as I want to focus on my mixed media and assemblage art and so want my image to reflect this.

One of the things I am introducing are Gift Vouchers. These can be at any denomination you choose (minimum $20). They can be used on products in my store/website, as well as any sale items I pop up on Facebook or my blog.
Can be sent to recipient with a gift card and message if requested and Digital versions are also available as a PDF. If you are interested contact me or check out my website:

I have a Recycled Art Workshops starting soon. Here are the details if you would like to come...

As I also mentioned, I have been working on creating some new art works. I have a few on the go and just recently finished this one, which I have named Little Monster.
Little Monster © Kelly Gatchell Hartley 2014
Oil sticks, oils, canvas, acrylics, lace, buttons, recycled metal and embellishments.

As you can see she is not so little but I had a great time creating her.

See you next week