Thursday, 6 November 2014

The big adventure. Day 13

Guadalajara is a lovely city. It reminds me a little of Melbourne but with a lot more history. It seems to be more modern than Mexico City with lots of boutiques etc. 
I did a mega walk today. I went from my apartment to the cathedral and a few museums, then I just wandered around for hours going down side streets checking out the old buildings and anything else that interested me. 

An old gothic church. Not sure of its name. 


Another church. I am sure there is one on every second street. 


Guadalajara cathedral. 


Beside the cathedral is a gorgeous square and lucky me there were Katrina's all around it. 

I was very excited at the regional museum to see a mammoth skeleton. 

I saw lots of wonderful things today.
Hasta mañana xxxxx

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