Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mixed media painting process...

With all of my new studio space I have recently felt the urge to do a work on canvas and thought I would share the process with you.
I tend to paint like I create any other piece of work, with a basic idea in mind and then letting it all come together organically. I like to add layers and textures in my work and the colour choices happen as the work progresses. I never have a colour palette in mind when I start.

Initial sketchbook drawing

Base colours laid down on a recycled canvas.

Home made stencils are used to add pattern to the background. Torn sewing patterns are collaged onto the hair. The facial details are highlighted and the base colour for the skin is applied.

Work is done on the skin tones.

Texture medium is added to the flower and collage elements are placed on the hair. A white wash is rubbed over the face to tone down the skin tones

Facial details are highlighted again, flower is repainted, more collage elements are added and a white wash has been rubbed over the background.

A blue wash has been rubbed over the hair and stripes have been added to her top.

Blue ink has been brushed over the hair. Flowers have been added to the background and more line work has been done.

Finished piece.
Highlighting done to some of the collage elements and colours rubbed onto hair. Lips and eyes also highlighted and line work is touched up where required. I have also widened the neckband on her top.

As the painting progressed my lady started to change her pose. I decided I wanted her to be turned a little more towards the viewer, while still looking away. She also became softer and more vulnerable looking.
I hope you enjoyed seeing a work in progress.
If you have any ideas for a name for her please feel free to leave a comment. There will be a little prize for the best name. Prize drawn 10 August.


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