Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Art Classes and more...

Hi there, I hope all is well.
Things have been pretty busy but I can finally relax for a day or two.
The big move is over and I finally have my new studio. It is not quite set up, so fussy me will wait till next time to show you how it is looking.

As some of you will know, I have been doing some full day art workshops at a local primary school. That was a lot of fun and I slept well those nights! I met some fantastic kids and some of them were really interested in the life of an artist. It was pretty intense as I has 5 groups a day with 55 minute lessons. We were working on collage with the theme being Healthy Living.
The first ones were done by children in Prep- Grade 3. Their focus was on 'My favourite fruit and vegetable'.
The second collages were done by children in Grade 4-6, who were focusing on 'What makes me healthy (Nutritional, physical, mental and emotional)'. They did a great job.

The Recycled Art Classes have been going great. It is such a fantastic group and we have a lot of fun. The only complaint is how fast the time goes.
For the first two weeks the group have been making houses from wood offcuts, recycled papers and found objects.

For the past two weeks we have been working on collages. Firstly by making our own decorative papers to use, with paint on newspaper. Then by Using a stencil to create the main 'character' to build an image around. These were done on old book pages. The students then chose their favourite piece to frame. I think they look amazing and I am looking forward to seeing how they interpret next weeks lesson.

See you next week





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