Sunday, 1 April 2012

Return - Illustration Friday

The point of no return...
© Kelly Gatchell Hartley 2012

Skateboarders are not my usual subject, though who says you have to do the same thing all the time! Plus they are amazingly talented and I am always in awe when I watch then do tricks. Skeletons on the other hand...well I am fascinated with Dia de la Muertos and have them all around my house so its about time some ended up in an illustration.


  1. Very dynamic illustration! I love that wood grain pattern swirling in the background, it really adds a sense of movement.

  2. Thank you very much, I was really pleased with how this piece all pulled together.

  3. The Skeletons on skateboards are very funny :)

  4. Thanks Ana, not sure if you are familiar with the mexican 'Day of the Dead'. Skeletons are shown still rocking out doing the things that they did when they were alive. They are fantastic and have inspired me in a few things I have done.